D for Digital: we imagine a world where physical and digital meet to improve our lives and make us have fun.

Go: we want to go fast to reach the goal.

We are D-go


We are Mobile pioneers and Digital explorers since 2007.
We are international, thanks to our headquarters all over the world.
We are leaders in mobile payment and groundbreakers in developing digital products and platforms.
We are passionate about technology and innovation, and we develop the best strategies. We deal with:

Smart Payments

Digital marketing

Entertainment Solutions

Technology & Innovation

Our partners

We are always looking for Digital Lovers!

Meet D-go

D-go is the Softlab Group’s digital company.

We are currently active in 12 markets across Europe and Latin America. We have an international and multicultural identity.
Diversity distinguishes our mindset in approaching customers to improve performances and create value. We do this by integrating Business, Creativity, Data and Technology skills.