Help Desk & IT Operations


Help Desk & IT Operations

We are structured to manage any need for contact between companies and end-users, taking care of the entire development of the request until its completion, and offering the customer the necessary operational continuity for a quick resolution of the service. Our solutions allow the organizations to integrate the data provided by the Help Desk with the automation of processes and knowledge of the areas of intervention, making the interaction with business users, the incident and problem management activities, and the management of technology assets more efficient.


  • Front Line

    Represents the area of interaction with customers/users, which takes place through traditional and multi-channel voice channels. The business is strongly focused on sharing resources through intelligent routing processes.

  • Back Office

    It carries out the processing of requests forwarded by the Front Line, with the involvement, if necessary, of the IT Operations, Infrastructure, and Software Engineering structures.

  • Platform

    It constitutes the core of the ecosystem, governed by the organizational model, for the provision of services in Shared Service Center mode. It provides omnichannel interaction management tools, supported by AI, Machine Learning, and Analytics technology.

IT operations

  • Events and Infrastructure management

    Manages the monitoring of systems and IT infrastructure, the analysis of events and notifications, and also taking care of the assessment of the impacts generated by exceptions on the IT infrastructure and network administration.

  • Incident management

    Operates in the management of inefficiencies generated on the IT infrastructure to ensure rapid restoration of service operations.

  • Problem management

    Aims to solve the root causes of incidents, minimizing the negative impact of incidents caused by errors within the IT infrastructure, and preventing their repetition.