Vertical Solutions


Vertical Solutions

The practice is dedicated to the development and maintenance services of technological platforms and package services, following the software life cycle in both waterfall and Agile mode. Its six Service Lines divide the technological and process skills into specific Vertical Functions capable of implementing the client’s projects using multiple market solutions (eg: Salesforce, Dynamics, Oracle EBS).

Service lines

  • CRM

  • ERP

  • BPM

  • Content Management

  • Asset Management

  • & more

ARXIvar – proprietary solution

  • Group protocol & paperless management

    Facilitates the storage of documents and correspondence by organizing information for each company in the Group (with options for certified e-mail and digital signature), promoting digitization.

  • Access tracking

    Allows you to track access to company premises, defining different categories of users (Visitors, Employees, Regular suppliers) also by signing on a graphometric tablet. A function created for GDPR compliance and implemented to counter the Covid-19 emergency.

  • Offers and payroll management

    Streamlines the offer management process and centralizes document approvals by creating a single repository for all companies in the group. The solution also allows you to manage the sorting of payslips to employees, providing them with a reserved area where they can find their documentation (payrolls, contracts, CU, etc.)

  • Competence Mapping

    A function to manage the skills of resources with the related expertise, cataloguing certifications and facilitating access to information in the delivery area and the Tenders office

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